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Year 6 2023-2024

Year 5 2022-2023 Archive

Safeside Trip

Yesterday, we went on our first big trip of the year to Safeside! Safeside is a specialist, educational village built by the West Midlands Fire Service so that children and young people can learn about dangers and keeping themselves safe in a controlled environment. We were guided round in groups by the centre staff and they showed us how to make good choices in a variety of situations including: canal safety, trainlines, car safety, fire safety and we even got to sit in a court room and be the jury! The centre staff were very impressed with our behaviour and we represented the school very well. Lots of very good questions were asked and we all felt like we had learnt something new to help us make the best choices in the future. Safeside allowed us all to see what could happen if we didn't make the right choices...and we all now know to NEVER try and get anything out of an electrical substation!

D.T: Making muffins!

As part of our Design and Technology, our area of focus was 'Food Technology' and for this we were required to design, make and evaluate a food item. We had a set of criteria to follow and our brief was to design a set of six muffins using seasonal ingredients. To begin, we taste-tested several different seasonal ingredients including damsons, apples and rocket. Rocket was definitely the most interesting! From this, we decided which flavour we would like to include and considered what other flavours would mix well with it. After much thought, everyone designed a unique flavour combination and got to work thinking about marketing the product. Once baking was done, we took the products home and had our families test and evaluate them. Between us all we designed and made 192 was a very busy day!

P.S. Miss Cleghorn was very well-behaved and didn't pinch a single one even though they all smelled DELICIOUS...


This week, we took on another challenge...Bikeability! As we are in Year 5, we completed our Level 2 which meant going out on the roads. To begin with, we practised on the playground for the morning with our very knowledgeable instructors. We practised anything that we would need to know for cycling on the roads safely, including how to indicate with arm gestures, how to position ourselves correctly and how to stop without going over the top of the handlebars. Unfortunately, it did start to rain very heavily so we popped inside to complete our activity books whilst Miss Cleghorn turned on the heater to dry out our coats. After lunch though the sun had cleared and we were ready to rock and roll! We headed out onto the streets in small groups and learnt how to do lots of important manoeuvres; going past a junction, turning at a junction, going around a car and those pesky U-turns. It took a lot of practise and although we weren't all feeling positive to begin with, after two days we had built up our confidence and we were feeling a lot of pride in our achievements. Miss Cleghorn also wanted to thank Year 5 for not running her over when she had to be one of the obstacles!

Anyone for a game of croquet on the lawn?

This week, we met up at Himley Hall with Year 6 to experience a new sport...croquet! Whilst we waited for our turn, we went for a walk through the grounds to see the watercress pools and the ducks. After a nice leg-stretch, we came back and were ready to give our new challenge a whirl! Croquet was a new sport for many of us and at first it was a bit strange to get the hang of. Once we'd had a few tries though, we picked it up quickly! Miss Cleghorn was very impressed with our perseverance and how well we all encouraged each other. A member of the public also commented on how polite and well-behaved we were whilst representing our school!




Year 4 having a lovely morning learning lots of bike safety tips.

Kennings Poem



Year 4 have been working hard to write and perform their own Kennings poems.

PSHE: Compromise and Negotiation



In PSHE, Year 4 have been learning how to negotiate and compromise in order to successfully resolve a disagreement. 

Quick Clay Figurative Sketches



In our Art lessons, Year 4 have been experimenting with clay to create a series of clay “sketches” around a figurative theme.

Design and Technology: Sewing



In Design and Technology, Year 4 have been learning how to sew using a variety of different sewing techniques. They then worked very hard to apply what they  learned in order to make fabulous Christmas stockings. Merry Christmas! 

Design and Technology: Electrical Systems

In Design and Technology, Year 4 have been exploring simple electrical circuits and switches. They are looking forward to using what they have learnt to enable them to design and build their own nightlights. 

Spring Forest School



Year 4 had a wonderful morning using natural resources to make Egyptian hieroglyphics and beetle amulets.

World Book Day 2022



The children were very excited about coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters. It was wonderful to hear all about their favourite stories and their displays of joy and enthusiasm for reading.

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